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To mow or not to mow?

Lawnmowers are like mechanical yawns: as soon as one begins whirring away, within minutes, more will follow.

But even while neighbors up and down the block are happily grooming their well-manicured greenery weeks earlier than normal, I've hesitated.

Heck, I only recently threw gasoline stabilizer in the tanks of my snow blower and ice auger in preparation for a few months of nonuse; firing up the lawnmower just seems...wrong.

Admittedly, I was briefly convinced that jumping too eagerly into this unnaturally warm spring would assure a quick rebuttal from Old Man Winter. Maybe a surprise late March or early April blizzard that would, realistically, be all too unsurprising.

Even though it hit below freezing this week, I'm beginning to let my guard down. But I still waver when considering mowing the lawn.

And I'm waiting for it to rain, too. Everything seems much too dry, and before I can put some pre-emergent weed-and-feed down, as well as grass seed to cover the bare spots in the backyard, what we could really use is a good soaking.

Oh sure, there's nothing stopping me from hooking up the garden hose and sprinkler to facilitate a bit of artificial precipitation. But I'm not keen on wasting water, especially when we might need it if this prognosticated drought lives up to expectations.

You may notice, while the mower has yet to run this spring, my procrastinator fired on the first pull.