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Letter to the Editor: Readers urges 'no' vote on Constitutional Measure 2

As the June Primary draws near, I am asking voters to say "no" to Measure 2. I feel that Measure 2 is not a solution to the tax problems but creates more problems than it solves. I am a retired school teacher and find that the cuts to education that this measure would create would set education back decades. Schools now receive 70 percent of the costs to educate students. Local property taxes pick up the rest. Where would the 30 percent come from if this measure passes?

Another item that does not appear in conversation in the press is that Measure 2 changes the North Dakota Constitution and no changes to this proposed law can take place for seven years. That's right seven years. Can we afford to wait seven years to bring funding back or is it okay that students not receive an education that allows them to compete in the global market?

I say "no" and I hope that you will also. Vote "no" on Constitutional Measure 2.

Nancy Peterson

West Fargo