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Making sure every vote counts

Local officials seem to be impressed by the early voter turnout that continues through Friday in West Fargo at the Lodoen Kindergarten Center and in Fargo at the Hilton Garden Inn.

The location provides a value-added alternative for voters who don't like the congestion of heading out on Election Day -- the perfect opportunity to head to one polling site without the long, long lines and all the hustle and bustle that can typically accompany the regular voting process.

With that said and done, on Tuesday, you can just sit back and relax and wait for the election results to roll in.

As a precursor to the vote this week's publication features a general detailed election story including local information on the passel of races, polling site locations and times as well as question and answer interviews of candidates seeking West Fargo city commission, park board and school board positions.

It's important to remember that in primary elections, every vote does indeed count with winners based on simple majorities of the vote count.

Hopefully the information will be insightful in helping you make your decision.

Since Election Day always falls on a Tuesday and our publication day is Wednesday, an election wrap up will appear in the following week's issue of the Pioneer and News.

In advance of that time frame, the latest in election results following the Tuesday primary will be available on our website at

Additional information about the election, including profiles of all the candidates, i.e. county commission, house and senate races, etc., is also available by accessing the Voters Guide on The Forum website at

As an added note, also featured as an insert in today's publication is our annual award-winning Summer FM Magazine loaded with a variety of fun summertime events.