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Insight from WFPD: An electronic navigation of the City of West Fargo

One of the things I find most frustrating in life is trying to get a question answered on a website and being rerouted so often to dead ends that I feel like I've gone crazy. Some people may accuse me of being crazy already, but that's neither here nor there. A great tool that we are very proud of here at the City of West Fargo and the West Fargo Police Department is our quality website.

A lot of time and energy is spent updating and renovating our website so that it can serve the residents, business owners, and visitors of this great city as best possible. It could be argued that some people feel technology is replacing quality human representatives, and if speaking with an employee of the city is something you prefer to do, please feel free to call us at 701-433-5500 (West Fargo Police Department) or 701-433-5300 (City Hall).

Please check our new and improved website out to answer any questions or concerns you have involving the city. The Home page lets one know that West Fargo has almost 26,000 residents, and has been one of the fastest growing communities in North Dakota. We have a page dedicated to just the residents of our fine city. There is information related to any business questions one may have, and the many different departments that make up the City of West Fargo.

If one is interested in learning more about different events that take place in town, including West Fest, Night to Unite, and also classes, such as, Citizen's Police Academy and Youth Academy, information is available on our website. Please take time and show interest in this wonderful community by allowing us to give you an electronic navigation of the city. You never know, some of this information could come in handy for you in the future!

View the West Fargo Police Department web site at:

The City of West Fargo web site can be seen at: