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Letter to the Editor: Community High involvement a welcome addition

Several members of the West Fargo Education Association, a group of 563 West Fargo Professional Staff and Education Support Professionals, recently participated in the West Fest parade. Joining them were several students from Community High School: Megan Rolie, Emalee Lewis, Jamz Thompson, Ally Stevens, Mark Shaefer, John Hertel, Makayla Badar, Jenna Carriveau and Chantel Johnson.

These students were a welcome addition to our group. They helped "highlight" our school district's mission statement by carrying signs and handing out highlighter pens. Under the direction of their teacher, Jessie Bixby, they really added "pizazz" to our group with their high energy and tie-dyed T-shirts, which they created for the event.

It was indeed a privilege for us to have them join our group. They certainly added to the fun. The members of the WFEA thank you for your participation, Community High School students. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Gale Haug

WFEA President