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Letter to the Editor: Representatives ignoring solutions

Currently within this State of North Dakota, the State Representatives are all seeking some type endorsement towards a Balanced Budget which could honestly be asserted and possibly aquired through some type or form of innovation for the State. As I see this problem, I also see solution and the reason for this is not because I have a new idea but rather, I am looking at what we already have and how we are just not using it.

I say this in recognition and in compliance with the Honorable President Obama, who had, as far back as 2008, proposed the composition for a plan to which followed the desires of improving our great United States as was set forth by many of our formidable and Honorable Presidents of the past. President Obama on several occasions in the past years had expressed how the monies for his ideal have already been allocated but yet, here in North Dakota, no one within the State or Local Government branches has displayed any desire to follow through with our Honorable Presidents plan in order to establish the very necessities of and for the success of and for not only our State of North Dakota but also towards the betterment of our National economy.

The Honorable President Obama at his inauguration as well as within his State of the Union Address 2011, had presented a Mass Transit Plan to span the United States. And, according to the FTA divisional Office in the State of Colorado, there is over half a billion dollars in federal assistance that no one uses every year.

So, the funding is, according to the representatives with whom I had spoken, all there, it is just that no one is taking the initiative to use what we already have. As thus, the budget you want to balance could be done simply by using what is already being offered which would then allow the Nortrh Dakota budget surplus to be redirected towards proper investing capitalin which an even greater surplus can be affixed into our currently defunct budget.

But apparently, the lacking of education within the State of North Dakota has worked its way into many publicly elected offices and as a result, many of our local representatives within this State of North Dakota are, in my opinion, not anxious to fix the budget by creating jobs, improving commerce, cutting costs for the Postal System or by improving a much needed Mass Transit System throughout the State.

If you would like to help this State of North Dakota, then please contact your local representatives and tell them what we can be doing for a better State. And if they have any questions regarding what I am talking about, you have them contact me and just maybe we can work together at making a better success for our State without Natural Gas, without Oil and without another phony promise.

Peter Karl

West Fargo