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Letter to the Editor: Schneider good choice for Cass County Commissioner

Rocky Schneider is a good choice for Cass County Commissioner. I have known Rocky for just over 14 years. Rocky exudes integrity, intellect, compassion, and is a family man. Rocky has put the necessary time into learning about our region's most important issue; flood protection. He has attended meetings and spoken with city leaders and residents in not only West Fargo and Fargo but also in Kindred, Casselton, Oxbow, and Hickson to name a few. Rocky is in favor of a more transparent Cass County Commission. He would push for recording and broadcasting Cass County Commission and committee meetings. Rocky is also in favor of a permanent property tax relief plan that is a good fit for everyone. As a lifetime West Fargo resident, I trust Rocky and know I can go to him with my questions and concerns.

Edward Alan Sheeley

West Fargo