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Grandma accused of harboring runaway after missing 13-year-old girl found in West Fargo

New Year time for optimism, hope and new beginnings

Each New Year brings with it cause for a renewed hope and optimism regarding everyday life and the manner in which we choose to live it.

For many it will be like starting over in a quest to modify or change life's daily routine, whether it means getting into shape, finding a different job, saving or making money, or whatever the goal or challenge.

Realistically our New Year will ultimately evolve into what each of us personally shapes it it into.

More than anything, as we approach the beginning of 2013 next week, it's important to remind ourselves to begin the year on the right note, both in the way in which we choose celebrate it; and also by taking a little time to reflect on how fortunate we are to make our homes in this great area, next to neighbors who are generous and caring people always willing to help out.

New Year's Eve is Monday night and a time when everyone also decides their own 'unique' way to ring in the New Year.

Whatever your plans, remember to approach them reasonably and responsibly by not drinking and driving.

It's okay to celebrate and have a good time, but it's also a must to know your limits.

Designated drivers are always an excellent idea and go a long way in ensuring an evening of fun and safety for everyone involved.

Page 13 of today's Pioneer and page 15 of the News contains a special safety message sponsored by a number of local businesses. Take a look and follow the sound advice so you can be assured of starting New Year's Day out on the right foot.

The script sums sentiments up simply and perfectly: "Good friends, good food, good times, good judgement. We want to see you again in 2013. Please don't drink and drive."

However you decide to usher in the New Year, once it's arrived, here's wishing you health, happiness, harmony and joy and only the very best it has to offer.