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Working together to promote community pride

Come spring following the snow melt there will no doubt be some West Fargo business sites needing to take the time to improve the aesthetic appearance of their properties.

West Fargo city officials are being proactive in that regard providing assistance to those that might need a little reminder or help about getting it done.

Whether it’s a few pallets strewn outside the back door or a more major violation the city will be implementing a code enforcement action plan that will provide businesses assistance with cleaning up their property --- all in a friendly, timely manner with the hopes of preventing the need for more rigid formal violation notices.

Mark Vaux, director of economic development and community services, is spearheading the effort, assisted by various department staff.

Vaux said the goal of the effort is to see direct results with the initial contact being personal and focusing on informing and educating about the violation before asking the businesses to do the clean up and offering to do whatever the city can to assist.

Members of the West Fargo Code Enforcement Task Force will first work to develop a complete list of those requiring some action, then make personal contact with the businesses, also implementing a media campaign to get the word out explaining the program and its many opportunities.

City commissioners, who heard about the plan Monday night, support the concept wholeheartedly, agreeing the soft touch approach is indeed the way to begin addressing the issue, hoping it will prevent the need for formal violation notices.

Details for this one-time event are still being firmed up, but among the assistance items being considered are providing a roll-off to businesses free of charge so they can clean up their property onsite, or giving them the option to take their rubbish to the West Fargo transfer station where there ire there will be a one-time waiver of the tipping fee.

As the time draws closer, more information will definitely be forthcoming with the intention of making the cooperative effort as easy and successful as possible for everyone.