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City making changes, refining services

Our ‘city on the grow’ is continually striving to update and improve as evidenced by the water replacement program presently in the works (see related story), as well as the recent implementation of the ‘state of street clean-up after a major snow event’ link on the city’s web page.

Regarding the first, citizens need to take the letter they received in the mail seriously and schedule an appointment so the process can move forward smoothly and efficiently.

As for the latter, city staff is thrilled about the reception and usage.

During the last snow storm about two weeks ago and just after the new reveal, the site alone recorded almost 3600 hits in one day which when compared to the 1000 hits a day the entire web page is used to racking up translates to some pretty substantial numbers.

A win-win for everyone according to City Administrator Jim Brownlee in that it provides the public another method of accessing the information and is saving public works staff considerable time with the elimination of all the phone calls coming in asking the status.

“The site gives the public much better access to information, and helps with the work load for the public works, because they experienced a dramatic reduction in phone calls that day.”

Brownlee admits the first go around, there were a few program bugs, but they’ve all been ironed out.

Site administrators have also made some adjustments so the information can also now be accessed on phone apps and Ipads.

Let’s hope there is no need to have to turn to the link again this winter season, but if there is another major snow event, everything should be up and running perfectly on the city’s website at If you haven’t already done so, check it out in advance, so you have an idea of just what to expect.