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Schools of Thought: School starts

Mark Sahli, columnist for The Pioneer Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Hey everyone, did you know that school starts in a couple of weeks. Where did the summer go? August is almost over and that caught me off guard.

My editor asked me where this month's column is, and I calmly replied it is on the way. I was still living in July and although I had it written down on my pen and paper to do list, I almost forgot the deadline was here.

I do not know why I would forget what time of the year it is, as this is the best time and my favorite time of the year. Maybe not the dog days of August and the allergy explosions, but the seasonal change from summer to fall.

When growing up, it appears so many more people liked the spring to summer transition but now almost everyone I talk with on the subject says fall is the season of choice.

The school of thought as to why this is the best season I because fall sports are beginning as is the new school year. My school of thought is kid's can't wait for school to end in the spring and summer to start but they also have that anxious excitement for the new school year to begin just the same.

Along with the start of school and fall sports the hunting seasons begin to kick off as well.

As you get your copy of this great local paper, many of you will be getting your Canada goose decoys ready to haul as that season starts Aug. 15.

Months ago, I explained I wanted to implement more outdoor activity subject matter rather than just the common sports into this column and still want to do that so those of you who enjoy going to that Friday night football game or tennis match or Saturday morning cross country meet and follow it up with an outdoor outing, you can relate with that feeling you get in your stomach.

This time of year, also creates that inner battle with the weather. A school of thought from many is they want the hot humid weather to hang on just a while longer. Other schools of thought, which I subscribe to is let's be done with the heat and get on with the comfortable 70-degree day and 50-degree night.

Our summer was cooperative for the most part and I hope our fall is conducive for all our outdoor fall sport athletes as well as all of you who wish to get out and still wet a line or chase wild game around our great state.

I final school of thought or bit of advice is to not let the time slip by as I did for this column. All of you student athletes should enjoy and get involved in as much activities as you can. This is the best time of your life. As for the adults, take heed in the advice that time flies and kids grow up fast. To many it is just words, but it does happen and faster than you think. Don't let the time get away.