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Huber: A little recognition goes a long way

This last weekend was the North Dakota Newspaper Association's annual convention and contest which this year was a joint venture of North Dakota and South Dakota groups held at Rapid City.

The West Fargo Pioneer staff didn't attend but we did submit a few entries in the better newspaper contest, competing against several other weekly newspapers specifically in the circulation category of 2,000 or more.

It's not common for us to toot our own horns and we very seldom do so, but we did fare well with the entries and feel that that success is worthy of noting with myself, graphic designer Jamie Grant and account executive Will Foss, contributing to the the winning pieces.

We were extremely pleased and proud that a special West Fargo magazine-type publication titled "A City on the Grow" was recognized with a first place award to myself for Special News Section; as well as taking honorable mention for staff -- Grant, Foss and myself -- for Special Advertising Section.

Quite frankly, we all knew this had to be a winning piece with its well thought out content and design made possible only through a collective effort of staff, receptive community-oriented advertising clientele, as well as members of the West Fargo city staff who contributed in several ways to help make the editorial content as well-rounded and all-encompassing as possible.

In the individual advertising category Promotion of the Newspaper - Readership, Grant also garnered honors -- an honorable mention for her entry -- Past, Present and Future -- a house ad promoting coverage of the community, as well as first place for an ad titled Packer Sports. Grant also brought home first place recognition for her input and commitment to the West Fargo Pioneer named Best Website in the respective category.

The West Fargo Calendar 2013 also took second place honors by staff in the Best Advertising Section.

All in all, we were gratified by the recognition and offer much deserved kudos to staff for their time and effort.

Anyone who would like to check out what makes the West Fargo Pioneer website one of the best can do so by visiting

Also anyone who hasn't yet seen a copy of our special City on the Grow piece can secure one by either stopping by West Fargo City Hall or letting our office know. We will be more than happy to see that you get one.