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Letter to the Editor: Legislative candidate serves constituents well

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read the recent attack on Rep. Alon Wieland, over an adjective he used in an answer at a recent Legislative Candidates Forum. 

The letter writer objected, ridiculed Rep. Wieland, and then announced his support for an opponent.  What he didn't share was the fact that he is a liberal Democrat and a short-term legislator from western North Dakota, who was not re-elected by his constituents. 

He also lives in Fargo, not West Fargo.

Despite his attempted smear of a fine public servant, the people of West Fargo are well aware that law enforcement personnel, teachers and other public employees here have had no better friend than Alon Wieland. As a county commissioner, and now as a legislator, he has served our region well and we know it.

Thanks for the "advice," Bob, but endorsing a candidate you can't even vote for, from a district where you don't live, just doesn't carry much weight.  Your former constituents out west may know more about you than we do, but we obviously know more about Alon Wieland than you do.

I invite my West Fargo District 13 neighbors to join me in voting to re-elect Alon Wieland to the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Mark Simmons

West Fargo