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Letter to the Editor: West Fargo girls hockey great addition to school sports

Dear Editor,

I have had the privilege to play for the West Fargo girl's hockey team this past hockey season. I've been on the team since the inaugural season in 2007 and wanted to say what an honor it has been being able to play for West Fargo High School. I am thankful to the West Fargo School Board for approving girl's hockey and allowing us an opportunity to represent our school and community. Our parents and the West Fargo Packer Backers helped us financially our first year and I am grateful for their support.

This season was very successful with a 3-1 win over the defending state champs, the Fargo North Spartans, in the championship game to get us the state title. This just goes to show how successful the program has become after three years of existence. I'm a senior this year so it's good to know that now girls just like me will have a chance to play hockey and represent West Fargo High School in a positive way.

Thank you again West Fargo School Board, the community and parents for paving the way for girl's hockey in West Fargo.

Tia Lopez

West Fargo