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You pick who goes in our 'Racer Profile'

For the past few weeks, the West Fargo Pioneer has featured a "Racer Profile" in roughly this spot on the Speedway Spotlight page.

The profile has given a brief, general description of a driver from the West Fargo-area. So far, the driver's have been picked based on a short list of criteria: their residence (West Fargo, Harwood, Horace, etc.), any standout driving or standings placement, and ease of contact (i.e. if they answered the phone).

By and large, this last point is the most critical. If a driver doesn't call us back, we can't get the information, plain and simple.

So, from now on, we're leaving it up to you, the reader. Is there a driver you want to see profiled on our Speedway Spotlight page? Send us their contact information, such as telephone number or, better yet an e-mail address, to Submissions also can be made over the telephone by calling 701-451-5717.

Deadline for submissions is Fridays at noon.