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Q&A with the coach

For a team to be good, it needs several elements: talent, dedication and discipline.

But even possessing all these qualities may not be enough if the wrong person is leading the charge.

Luckily, the perpetually successful West Fargo Packatahnas dance team does not have this problem.

Jordan Jost has been at the helm through thick and thin. She recently was awarded for her leadership with a Coach of the Year award, received during the United Performing Association's AmeriCup competition Feb. 25-27 in Minneapolis.

What follows is a question and answer session with one of West Fargo's most successful coaches.

Question: What does it mean, personally, to earn the Coach of the Year award?

Answer: I have been nominated for State Coach of the Year (several times), so it was exciting to win at a national level.

Q: Since you've been coaching the Packatahnas, how has dance changed and how has your team responded to those changes?

A: The program has definitely become more competitive over the past seven years. Obviously, styles of dance are always changing and attending competitions outside of our state helps us to keep up with these ever-changing trends.

Q: The Packatahnas recently completed another fantastic year. How would you rate this season compared with past seasons?

A: Every season the dancers set high expectations for themselves. This year, our team was extremely close and stuck together through everything. They work together and individually to meet their goals and, in the end, we were happy with our season.

Q: West Fargo has created quite a name for itself in dance, even on a national level. Why do you think the city has such a strong dance following?

A: Our team does what they can to be out in the community. They volunteer around the Fargo-Moorhead area doing what they can to give back to an area that has really helped our program financially. They have done everything, from volunteering at the Fargo Marathon to making blankets for the NICU at Essentia. We really try to be a positive face for West Fargo High School.

Q: What do you see as the future of the Packatahnas, and dance in general, in West Fargo?

A: It's hard to answer this question without knowing what the future of our school system is. Changes in the high school will definitely affect the team. While I am coaching, I will do my best to challenge the dance program to continuously evolve.