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Keeping up with schedule changes

So one minute you're prepping for a sporting event, and the next it's canceled. Wouldn't it be nice if you had instant updates on scheduling changes?

You're in luck: there's an online resource to the rescue.

"All the EDC schools are using it," West Fargo Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director Tonya Vetter said. "It's really beneficial."

"It" is the new online service adopted last year by area high schools, including West Fargo, to track their sports schedules.

To check on, say, the Packers baseball season, simply visit the school website (, click on "activities," and then "schedules" under "General Info." Once there, it's as simple as navigating the activities in the scroll box on the right, and choosing a respective date.

If there are questions, a handy "User Guide" will explain how the website works. And there is an option to sign up for e-mails to be sent whenever a change in schedule occurs, Vetter said.

"People also can download it to their Outlook calendar, or their cell phone," she said.

It's a surefire way to keep up with the crazy scheduling fiasco that is North Dakota's spring sports season.