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Jack of all trades: Packers’ versatile Hoy at another new position

Jordan Hoy runs drills during a West Fargo football team practice on Monday in West Fargo. Photo by Nick Wagner

The majority of football players will latch on to one position, spending their high school career learning the skills to play and develop at the position. That wasn’t the case for West Fargo’s Jacob Hoy.

Hoy has played quarterback, safety, corner back, wide receiver and is what they call a jack-of-all-trades. He’s one of the Packers’ most versatile players and this year he’s changing things up again by leading the Packers’ ground game at running back.

“It’s just the way I’ve always been growing up,” Hoy said. “I always had to move positions according to what the team needs and that’s fine with me. I enjoy it. Where ever they need me, I’ll play.”

Being the go-getter that Hoy is, he was eager to find out whether he’d be returning at quarterback or if head coach Jay Gibson had other plans.

“Jake wanted to know right away. We talked long and hard about it and he’s comfortable being a defensive player and playing as much as he can on offense,” Gibson said. “He would have loved to compete for the quarterback position, but he’s going to play running back this year. He’s one of our key players.”

Making the move to running back was a smooth transition for the senior having been primarily a running quarterback last season. But after suffering an injury early in the season head coach Gibson believes he’s yet to see Hoy’s full potential and speed.

The injury struck during a game against Bismarck High. Hoy broke free on a 60-yard run before being tackled and spraining his ankle. He missed only one week, but played the rest of the season on a gimp leg.

“As I got tackled the guy hit my knee and my ankle got rolled up underneath and sprained it really bad,” said Hoy. “It still lingers every once in a while, but right now it’s pretty much all healed up.”

With the injury behind him there’s only one thing on Hoy’s mind and it’s something the Packers missed out on by a total of two minutes.

“We lost the one in the final minute to Grand Forks Red Rvier and we lost in the final minute to Fargo Davies,” said Gibson. “You look at it and you’re totally disappointed with that, but we were two-minutes away from being the conference champions.”

But reminiscing on last season has had only one effect on the Packers this season. It’s made them more motivated.

“It’s driving our team to finish out the games and in practice we can tell,” Hoy said. “We aren’t just going through the motions and stuff, we are finishing out the drill every time and I think that will teach us later on to hopefully finish out the game.”

While Hoy hasn’t won any awards for his effort on the football field, he’s a decorated hockey player who is a four-year starter and has brought home all-conference and all-tournament team awards.